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Metal Detector Service and Repair


Expert Service for Every Stage of Your Metal Detector's Life Cycle

Pegasus Industronics team of professionals have decades of  Inspection experience and offer a full menu of services for your processing line’s metal detectors to help you reach maximum up-time while maintaining accuracy and efficiency. We offer services for every stage in the life cycle of your metal detector which will help you get the most out of your investment by keeping it operating at its best and extending its useful life.

Our goal is to get you what you need to get back to production as quickly as possible while keeping your product safe and constantly reliable for your customers.

When you purchase a new piece of product inspection equipment, proper installation and setup are vital to maintaining your warranty and protecting your new investment. Our expert technicians will install your new equipment to the manufactures specification and ensure a flush fit to simplify sanitation.

We offer an on-site training program which teaches the fundamentals of industrial metal detectors to your personnel. Let our expert technicians teach your operators and maintenance staff the basics of metal detector operation and more to ensure your unit is utilized to its full potential and properly cared for during use.

Our unwavering attention to detail and professional integrity have made us the most widely trusted third party HACCP certified metal detector certification company for BRC, SQF, and Food Safety audits.

If you’re looking for technical guidance Pegasus Industronics offers the 24/7 technical support. Let our expert technicians help you get to the root of the problem.

No matter what brand you use or when you bought your metal detector, the technicians at Pegasus Industronics have experience with the problem.

With our expansive inventory of parts and dedicated repair facility the experts at Pegasus Industronics will have your unit repaired quickly so your line will experience minimal disruption.

We are capable of handling any metal detector repair from circuit board repairs to full machine overhaul and refurbishment saving thousands of dollars by extending the useful life of the equipment.

We offer a preventative maintenance program for regular worry-free care which keeps your product inspection equipment running efficiently and calibrated for precision measurement.

We even offer metal detector rentals to allow your processing line to continue to function while repairs are completed.

If you operate outside of our service area you can still have your Industrial Metal Detectors and circuit boards repaired by the experts at Pegasus Industronics.

Simply contact us and speak to one of our qualified professionals to place a work order. You will be given instructions on how to mail your unit to our facility for repair.

If your metal detector has sustained major damage it may be necessary to refurbish your unit.

We hold ourselves to the highest level of integrity in our work and will be honest about what can be fixed and what should be replaced.

We are happy to service any generation of metal detectors including generation 1, 2 and 3 units which other companies may refuse to repair.

If you operate outside of our service area you can still have your Metal Detector refurbished by America's foremost Industrial Metal Detector authority, Pegasus Industronics.

Simply contact us, provide your information, and our representatives will give you instructions on how to ship your unit to our repair facility.

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    We repair most major brands including but not limited to:

    • Pipeline Metal Detectors
    • Conveyor Metal Detectors
    • Drop through Metal Detectors
    • Gravity Metal Detectors
    • Checkweighers
    • Goring Kerr DSP
    • Goring Kerr DSP2                                                                                                    
    • Goring Kerr DSP3
    • Thermo Fisher Scientific Apex 100 

    • Food Processing Metal Detectors
    • Thermo Fisher Scientific Apex 300
    • Thermo Fisher Scientific Apex 500
    • Thermo Fisher Scientific Versaweigh
    • Thermo Ramsey AC4000
    • Thermo Ramsey AC4000i
    • Anritsu Metal Detectors

    • Mesutronic CI
    • Metron CI
    • Flatline CI
    • Meatline CI
    • Lock Inspection Systems
    • Loma IQ
    • Loma IQ2
    • Loma IQ3                                                                                                                   
    • Fortress Technology                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

    • Lock Insight
    • Lock MET 30
    • Safeline Pro
    • Safeline PowerPhase
    • Fortress Phantom
    • Safeline Signature
    • Fortress Stealth
    • Sartorious Intec