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Pegasus Industronics is America’s premier expert in industrial metal detectors for food processing applications. We offer product inspection solutions for gravity fed, pipeline, and conveyor belt style applications. We offer the quickest metal detector service and expert repair available. Our unwavering attention to detail and professional integrity have made us the most widely trusted third party HACCP certified metal detector certification company for BRC, SQF, and Food Safety Audits.

Company Values

Pegasus Industronics is America’s most trusted third-party certification company providing superior HACCP certified BRC, SQF, and Food Safety metal detector certifications. We are also a leader in serving and repairing metal detectors in every stage of its Life Cycle. Our goal is to get you what you need to get back to production as quickly as possible while keeping your product safe and constantly reliable for your customers.

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We help manufacturers mitigate risk through the detection and removal of contaminants.

Pegasus Industronics has developed a simple to understand metal detector training program. Learn the proper way to operate and maintain your industrial metal detector to ensure its maximum life span and continuous accuracy.