Metal Detectors

Ensuring the security and integrity of bulk and packaged food products can reduce the costs associated with lengthy product recalls, protect brand integrity and safeguard consumers from dangerous contaminants and low-quality products.

Benefits of Metal Detection Systems

Food grade metal detectors are a reliable and cost-effective way to ensure your products are free of contaminants, such as metal.


Metal separator for inspection of bulk goods. The separator fulfills the highest hygienic requirements due to its design.


High-end tunnel detector with integrated control electronics for the installation in belt conveyors. Reliable and accurate metal detection.


Conveying system for transport of packed and bulk goods. Trouble-free detection results due to optimal Integration of a metal detector.


Mobile metal separator for connection to a vacuum filler for inspection of pasty products like sausage meat Equipped with the new AMD07.


Metal separator for the installation in liquid conveying lines inclusive 3-way-separation-valve. Without reject gate.


Metal separator for easy vertical or horizontal installation into continuous suction - and pressure conveying lines.

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