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We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, quality and  professionalism

Superior after sales service and support in the industry and are the authorized representatives of Mesutronic metal detectors.

Our unwavering attention to detail and professional integrity have made us the most widely trusted third party food safety metal detector certification company for GFSI Food Safety audits. As a leading authority in metal detection, we offer only the best equipment in the industry.

"Consulting Compliance worked on a project with Pegasus Industronics, and the Pegasus team was very attentive to our customer's needs. We created a Food Safety program and Pegasus provided the right equipment to meet all regulatory requirements. It was a pleasure working with them."


Diana Rivera


Consulting Compliance, LLC



" Our Solutions is what every problem deserves " -Fernando

Food production can be a tough and stressful environment but by understanding the challenges and applications, Pegasus is able to design machinery to eliminate potential issues and help maintain maximum uptime.


Pegasus has solutions for metal detection, x-ray inspection and dynamic in-line checkweighing. We can provide combined Check and Detect solutions, where detection and weighing occur on the same system.




Pharmaceutical products are inspected to eliminate foreign contaminants and will reject them if detected. Pegasus can provide machinery to prevent any potential issues and maintain maximum uptime.


Pegasus has developed a significant experience in the inspection of meat, fish and poultry products. We understand the challenges that apply to product inspection equipment and can provide a wide range of inspection solutions that cover in-line processing as well as end-of-line packaged product applications.